Life Coach Alex Ihama

name Since his teenage years, Alex Nosa Ihama has always being the go-to person for advice, encouragement, motivation and inspiration, which made him always pursued wisdom, knowledge, and understanding through books and researches in order to better guide others.

In the forefront of everything he does is the wellbeing of others and how to help people improve their lives and businesses. He has personally coached thousands of people worldwide and tens of thousands more through his website,, and inspirational articles and newsletters that are now received in over 65 countries. Alex strongly believes that the key to success, which he defines as contentment, is in the hands of each individual regardless of his or her situation and circumstance. This is the fundamental statement on which he founded The Exhortation Life and Business Coaching Services, and the non-profit arm, The Exhortation World Outreach.

The Exhortation Coaching Services is an organization that is committed to working with People and Businesses to recognize and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, and invest and appreciate their opportunities and threats, using proven life and business strategies.

According to Alex, “We never fall short of goals, but rather the mindset, enthusiasm, effort, determination and openness that are required to achieve the goal. My life-purpose is to help people understand and leverage the Absolute Power that is available to them, cultivate the Real Desire that is necessary to maintain a forward momentum, tighten Loose Ends to better manage setbacks, focus on What Matters Most to ensure proper prioritization, and to have fun in order to live life to the fullest!”

Dealing With Adultery

09th April 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 The Exhortation Life and Business Coaching ServiceAdultery is the most serious offence in a marriage because it breaks the trust and union (oneness) between a husband and his wife. It is the height of marital selfishness, an absolutely ... Read >